Kickball Rules


Collectiv360 Athletics is a social sports league offering co-ed recreational adult kickball. The following rules have been devised to be as simple as possible while still explaining the entire game and all necessary rules and regulations. These rules are subject to change and revision as voted on and altered by the players of Collectiv360 Athletics in order to enhance play and stay true to the development of a league built by and for its players.

Please send concerns with rules and regulations to


1.     Each season will consist of 9 weeks of regular play, 1 playoff week, and 1 all-star game. All games are played on an established day of the week and each team will play one game each week unless double header arrangements are made to make up missed games. The C360 staff will make every effort to insure our players will play all 9 games.  

2.     Games are NEVER played on New Years, Super Bowl, Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas weekends.

3.     RAIN dates will be made up as double headers or through other arrangements and decisions made with the help of the Captains.


1.     Players must be 21 years of age.

2.     C360 is committed to providing a conflict free and gang free environment.

3.     Players may not be affiliated with organized crime activity.

4.     Players need not be affiliated with a team to sign up. Any and all are  welcome.

5.     Players not affiliated with a team are called FREE AGENTS and will be placed on teams that need additional players to meet the TEAM COMPOSITION AND REGULATIONS section of these rules.


1.     Each team is required to have at least 15 players.

2.     Each team must have 4 women on the field at all time. Each team must  have at least four registered female players. Having additional female players on your roster is recommended in case some female players should miss games.

3.     Teams may not have any gang affiliation or color or name relations.

4.     A captain will be established for each team.

5.     If a team/captain is short on players, C360 staff will assist the captain in filling out his/her roster with registered free agents.

6.     Substitute players who are not on the roster (walk-ons) are allowed to play for a $10 fee per game. The fee covers insurance and processing fees. The player's name will immediately be called into C360's insurer. Please abide by this rule so that all players will be fully covered and we all  can continue to play unhindered by legal ramifications. The $10 fee can be paid in cash or with a check made out to Collectiv360, LLC. Substitutes must sign the waiver on the field with the umpire in order to be eligible for  play. If any walk-on player or anyone not on the team roster is found on  the field without payment and without signing the waiver, it will be an automatic forfeit for the team.

7.     Each team must have at least 7 members present to play (3 women and 4 men). A team that does not have the required number of people to play 15 minutes after the official start time will force- forfeit the game.  League  player substitutes may be used in order to field the minimum amount of  players per game. Teams may add non roster males to a maximum of five (5) males total. 

8.     If a team needing players has stacked their team with the league's best  known talent, AKA, 'ringers' then the opposing team captain may reject those players from play. There is no limit to the amount of outside league players or 'talent' that pay to play for the day.

9.     On playoff day only players from the defined team roster will be permitted to play. No subs please!

10.   The forfeiture of any game will not lead to a team's exclusion from playoffs.


1.     All Los Angles area city fields do not allow alcohol. Please do not bring  alcohol or Solo cups to the field. Doing so puts the league in jeopardy of  losing its permit to play. Captains will be held responsible for controlling their team regarding this issue. 

2.     Collectiv360 is a social sports environment. Sportsman-like conduct is  expected from all athletes at all times.

3.     The umpire will enforce the C360 Code of Conduct on the field.. The  umpire has the ultimate say in how breaches of Code of Conduct will be  handled on the field. If you have an issue with the umpire or a call during a  game please bring the issue to your captain. Only your captain will  address the umpire. Umpires calls are final.

4.     The umpire has the authority to ask players to sit out for an inning or the  rest of the game. The umpire is authorized to require players to leave the  field if an infraction is severe enough.

 Collectiv360 will not permit:

1.     Any physical violence. This is a non contact sport in a no contact league.  Any fighting will result in the automatic ejection of all parties and subject  to immediate review by C360 Administrators.

2.     Throwing of bases, garbage cans, bottles or any other projectile in anger  or in the direction of any individual

3.     Derogatory words or actions and hate speech of any kind directed at any  player, umpire or spectator.

4.     No violence of any sort will be tolerated. Should any violent act be  committed on the field or at any C360 social event, the offending athlete  will be subject to a multiple game suspension or expulsion for the season  depending on the severity of infraction. C360 Administrators will best  decide how to determine fair punishment either through the use of their  own judgment or through the vote of the current C360 Players Board of  representatives.

5.     Umpire calls are final. Although final, calls can be discussed with umpire  by a team captain.

6.     Any player will receive a warning "yellow card" if they continually disrupt  game play by disputing numerous calls. If a “yellow carded” player continues to disrupt play, a "red card" will be issued to player and will be  ejected from the current game.

7.     The Commissioner will review all ejection incidents from the ejected  player’s team captain. The team captain and the affected player will be  notified by email of the Commissioner’s decision and the player’s eligibility  for next game.


1. No metal or plastic cleats are allowed. Rubber cleats are cleared for use. If there are any specific shoe questions, the umpire will make the decision as to whether specific shoes can be cleared.

2.     Each team member will sign their team roster and hand in to the umpire before the start of the game. At this time any substitutes will sign the bottom of the roster and submit their $10 payment for insurance to the umpire.

3.     Games will begin at the start of the hour at which they are scheduled.

4.     Each game will last for seven innings (approximately one hour).

5.     C360 will provide bases and the game balls. The C360 umpire will deliver  with these game essentials.

6.     A maximum runs per inning rule shall be enacted if a team scores 10 runs  in a single inning. A team may only score more than 10 runs if they are  coming back from being behind in runs. Example: If a team starts an  inning 13 runs behind they are allowed to score 14 runs.

7.     A mercy rule shall be enacted if one team gets 20 runs ahead of the other  team and after 5 innings have been played.

8.     This game will be played like the more familiar sport of baseball and  softball.

9.     Each team alternates offensive and defensive positions. A coin flip or  Roshambo will determine who will take the field first and who will bat.

11.     If a ball pops during play the field is reset and the kick is redone. 

12.   If a team desires to reschedule a game they must contact a C360  representative and the Captain of the opposing team they are scheduled  to play. 

      The terms of the rescheduled game are subject to the below:

a.     Both teams must agree to reschedule and both teams must agree to  a date. The C360 Administrators will determine the time and location  for any rescheduled game.

b.     Both teams must agree to either pay a C360 umpire their $25 fee or  both teams must agree to umpire the game themselves with one  appointed umpire from each team.

c.     For games played without a C360 umpire: Both team's captains must  report the same score to C360 staff or risk a forfeit on both sides.

d.     Rescheduled games must happen no later than week 9 of the  kickball season so that teams may be included in the playoffs  according to their records. If the game is not made up by or on week  9 then each team shall take a forfeit.

6.1 Offensive Rules:

1.     The batting order cannot consist of more than two men kicking in a row.  You may have as many women kicking in a row as you would like, but only  two men in a row are allowed. If you do not have enough women to place  in-between men, team captains will use the Santa Monica Rotation   (SMR). Here is an example of a batting order with 7 men and 3 women: 

Man 1, Man 2, Woman 1, Man 3, Man 4, Woman 2, Man 5, Man 6,  Woman 3, â?¨ Man 7, Man 1, Woman 1, Man 2, Man 3, Woman 2, Man  4, Man 5, Woman 3, â?¨ Man 6, Man 7, Woman 1, Man 3, Man 3,  Woman 2, etc. 

This is just one example of the SMR but any variation that rotates the  women to maintain the proper spacing between the men is acceptable.

2.     Captains must be mindful of the bottom of the line up and the top of the  lineup so that 4 men do not kick back to back. All players must bat. If a  runner fails to bat they will be called out.

3.     The discovery of an error in kicking rotation (3 men kicking in a row) will  result in an automatic out for the last male who kicked and a reset of the  field as it was before he kicked. 

4.     Each kicker will start with a one (1) ball, one (1) strike count. Each kicker  is entitled to two strikes and three balls. A pitch is considered a strike if it  rolls within the strike zone designated by the umpire’s buttons. Any pitch  outside the designated strike zone will be called a ball.

5.     A pitch that is considered excessively bouncy will be result in a “no pitch”  and a warning to the pitcher. The Umpire will call any following  excessively bouncing pitches a ball.

6.     A kicker that receives three (3) pitches outside the strike zone during their  plate appearance will be granted a walk and awarded 1st base.

7.     The kicker may kick four fouls before he/she is declared out. There are  four ways to earn a foul:â?¨  Kicking into foul territoryâ?¨  Bunting  Kickers must  make an honest effort to fully kick the ball. There must be pendulum  action of the kicking leg! Crossing the plate to kick the ball. If any part of  the kicker’s foot crosses the front edge of home plate or the line drawn to  define the front edge of the strike zone, the umpire will call a foul ball. If  the kicked ball goes into the field of play in the air and is caught by a  defensive player the kicker will be called out.

8.     Accidently or purposely double kicking the ball is not allowed. A foul ball  will be assessed to the kicker’s count.â?¨ 

9.     The runner MUST run to the orange portion of the safety base in order to  be considered safe when running through first base for a single. If the  runner runs through the white portion of the safety base they will be called  out. The runner may use the white portion of the safety base if they are  attempting to advance beyond 1st base. 

10.   No leading off or stealing is allowed. The first instance per runner per  game will be a warning. All other instances by the same runner will be an  automatic out.

11.   Tagging up is allowed if a ball is kicked into the air and caught before it  touches the ground in fair or foul territory. A runner may advance at  her/his own risk AFTER the ball is caught.

12.   There is no sliding (intentional or not) or diving into any of the bases. Any  runner that slides (intentional or not) or dives will be called out.

13.   An out will be called if a runner runs outside of the baseline to avoid being  tagged.

14.   A pinch runner is only allowed in the event of an injury or illness. The last  out of the same gender will be selected to pinch run. If a player is unable  to kick, their pinch runner will start from behind a line parallel to the back  point of home plate on the 1st base side. The pinch runner must wait until  the ball is kicked before running to 1st base.

15.   If a field does not have a fence in centerfield and hazards such as roads  exists out side the field of play a home run cone/marker will be  established in the outfield. 

16.   If the ball is kicked beyond this cone a home run shall be declared to  avoid the defense running into traffic and other hazards.

6.2   Defensive Rules:

1.     Three outs are required to change from defense (field) to offense (kicking).  An out can be achieved if:

a.     The kicker has kicked four fouls.

b.     The kicker/runner is forced out at any base.

c.     The kicker/runner is tagged by a fielder with the ball

d.     The kicker/runner is “pegged” by a fielder with the ball.

e.     Pegged is being hit by a ball thrown by a defensive player.

1.     Headshots are not allowed and will not count as an out. The  umpire has the discretion to award a runner who has received a  headshot an extra base. All pegs must land below the shoulder  of the runner.

f.     The kicker's ball is caught in the air.

6.3   Foul - Fair Balls – Clarification

1.     Judgment for fair and foul balls is based only on the relationship between  the line and the ball. The umpire will make the determination of a fair and  foul ball.

2.     If a ball is caught by the defense in foul territory the kicker is out.

3.     From the actual baseball rulebook, this is our adapted rule on fairs and  fouls. “If a fly ball lands in the infield between home and first base, or  home and third base, and then bounces to foul territory without touching  a player or umpire and before passing first or third base, it is a foul ball; or  if the ball settles on foul territory or is touched by a player on foul territory,  it is a foul ball. If a fly ball lands on or beyond first or third base and then  bounces to foul territory, it is a fair hit.”

4.     Dead Ball is defined as: Any ball that is thrown, kicked or ricocheted  beyond the fence line on the first and third base is deemed to be a dead  ball

5.     Any kicked ball passing through the branches of a tree is considered a  dead ball. The kicker will be awarded a “ground rule double.”

6.     If the ball is kicked or thrown out of play by the defense, the umpire will  call a dead ball and the play ends. All runners advance as follows.  If a  runner is standing on a base, not attempting to advance, when the ball is  declared dead they are awarded one base. Example: A runner standing on  2nd base when the ball is declared dead is awarded 3rd base. If a runner is  advancing between bases when the ball is declared dead they are  awarded 1 PLUS base. Example: A runner is running to 2nd base when the  ball is declared dead is awarded 2nd base PLUS 3rd base.

6.4   Pitching: 

1.     Pitchers must pitch from the mound and cannot establish a defensive  position in front of the pitching plate until the ball is kicked.

2.     Pitches must be slow to moderate and must all be underarm.

3.     Pitches that bounce higher than mid shin of the kicker will be considered  balls. One warning will be given to the pitcher. This first warning will result  in a “no pitch.” After the warning any high bounce pitches will be called a  ball.

4.     One woman must be positioned in the outfield and one woman must be  positioned in the infield in a position other than catcher and pitcher at all  times.

5.     The infield fly rule applies if there are runners on 1st and 2nd base or 1st 2nd & 3rd with less than 2 outs. The umpire will call the infield fly rule if the  ball is kicked into the air and can be caught with minimal effort by a  defensive infield player. Once called, the kicker is called out removing all  force plays and the runners can advance at their own risk after tagging  up.

6.     All play ends when the pitcher has control of the ball ON THE MOUND. On  the mound is defined as being within a 7.5’ circle around the pitching  plate. If a runner is has advanced less than halfway to the next base when  the pitcher has control of the ball on the mound the runner will be called  back to the previous base.

7.     Infielders cannot be positioned in front of the imaginary diagonal line from  1st base through the pitching plate to 3rd base. A warning will be given for  the 1st infraction. After the warning if the defensive player makes a play  starting in front of the line the kicker will be awarded 1st base. Infielders  may come forward of the line after the ball has been kicked.

8.     Outfielders must play at least 10’ behind the cut of the infield grass.  After  the warning if the outfielder makes a play starting inside the cut of the  infield grass the kicker will be awarded 1st base. Outfielders may come  forward after the ball has been kicked.

9.     The first baseman must make every effort to position his/her foot on white  portion of the safety base, leaving orange portion clear for the runner. If  the first basemen tags the orange portion of the safety base the runner  will be declared safe.

10.   Interference can be called on any fielder who impedes the runner’s  progress by standing on the base or in the baseline. The runner will be  awarded the next base.

11.   The defensive player is allowed to be in the baseline if making an active  play and the runner must run around them. The umpire has the discretion  to decide who is in the right and wrong.

12.   Defensive substitutions can be made at any time.

 Season Points Scoring

  Points are awarded as such:

  Win:     3 points

  Tie:      1 point

  Lose:      0 points

  Forfeit:    0 points

 At the end of the season there will be a one day, single elimination round robin tournament. The number of teams included in the championship bracket will be determined by C360 management at the start of each season. That number will be published at the 1st Players Board (Captain’s meeting) of the season. Bracket seeding will be determined by regular season record.

 Tie Breaker rules will be determined on the following criteria:

League record, then

Head-to-Head record, then

Points scored Head-to-Head, then

Points scored against the rest of the league


Collectiv360 is strongly committed to the satisfaction of its athletes. If you have any issues or problems with the above rules and regulations please feel free to let us know ASAP.


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