Flag Football Rules

Collectiv360 Flag Football Rules and Regulations


Collectiv360 Athletics is a social sports league offering co-ed recreational adult flag football. The following rules have been devised to be as simple as possible while still explaining the entire game and all necessary rules and regulations. These rules are subject to change and revision as voted on and altered by the players of Collectiv360 Athletics in order to enhance play and stay true to the development of a league built by and for its players. Please send concerns with rules and regulations to sarah@collectiv360.com.


Each season will consist of 9 weeks of regular play, 1 playoff week. All games are played on an established day of the week and each team will play one game each week unless double header arrangements are made to make up missed games. Every effort will be made by C360 staff for our players to play all 9 games.

RAIN dates will be made up as double headers or through other arrangements and decisions made with the help of the Captains.


  •  Players must be 21 years of age.

  •  C360 is committed to providing a conflict free and gang free environment.

    Players may not be affiliated with organized crime activity.

  • Players need not be affiliated with a team to sign up. Any and all are welcome. Players not affiliated with a team are called FREE AGENTS and will be placed on teams that need additional players to meet the TEAM COMPOSITION AND REGULATIONS section of these rules. All free agents are welcome to any team, no exceptions. Free agents may be assigned to teams with a minimum roster of 12 regardless of man/woman roster ratio. The league's policy is to follow the following criteria on placement of free agents:

  • Determine if there are even amount of teams. If not, a free agent team will be formed if there are enough free agents to develop a one -with at least a minimum girl count of 4 and one Quarterback.

  • Teams with the smallest roster will receive free agents first based on need. The rest of the agents will be assigned randomly. All team rosters are determined on registered players with or without a captain informing league of a late registration. Registration deadline date will determine the roster count. The league tries to assign agents to teams that have not received agents the previous season in order to keep things equal throughout the playing seasons.


Each team is required to have at least 12 players. Registration for added players to a team after the season starts will be cut off at week 5. Free agent registrant cut off is by registration deadline.

  • Each team must have 3 girls on the field at all times. Thus each team must have at least three registered female players. Having additional female players on your roster is recommended in case some female players should miss games.

  •  Each team may only have three football college level athletes or pro athletes on its roster and only one on the field at a time. The honor system is the enforcer.

  •  Teams may not have any gang affiliation or color or name relations.

  •  A captain will be established for each team.

  •  If a team and captain is short on players, C360 staff will assist the captain in filling out his/her roster with free agents.

  •  Substitute players who are not on the roster are allowed to play for a $10 fee per game. The fee covers insurance and processing fees. The player's name will immediately be called into C360's insurer. Please abide by this rule so that all players will be fully covered and we all can continue to play unhindered by legal ramifications. The $10 fee can be paid in cash or with a check made out to Collectiv360, LLC. Substitutes must sign the waiver on the field with the referee in order to be eligible for play. If any substitute player or anyone not on the team roster is found on the field without payment and without signing the waiver, it will be an automatic forfeit for the team. ***Teams may use registered league players from another team to sub for a league game without an additional payment. The captain using the registered league player sub(s) must get approval from the opposing team's captain. Should opposing captain not agree to letting the sub play, then the team must play without the league sub, unless the team can find a sub agreeable to the other team. Captains using league registered subs must notify opposing captains of their league subs before or at the coin toss. Please note, the captain approval does not apply to any non-registered league players who want to sub. This only applies to league registered players that play on another team.

  • On playoff day only players from the defined team roster will be permitted to play. No subs please!

  • The forfeiture of any game will not lead to a team's exclusion from playoffs.

  • On game day, team captains must submit a signed roster of all present team members to the referee before the start of the game. Players late to the game should sign in with the referee and on the official roster.


All Los Angles area city fields do not allow alcohol. Please do not bring alcohol or Solo cups to the field. Doing so puts the league in jeopardy of losing its permit to play. Captains will be held responsible for controlling their team regarding this issue.

  • Collectiv360 is a social sports environment. Sportsman-like conduct is expected from all athletes at all times.

  •  Athlete conduct will be regulated on the field by the referee. The referee has the ultimate say in how breaches of conduct will be handled on the field. If you have an issue with the referee or a call during a game please bring the issue to your captain and your captain will address the referee. Referee calls are final.

  • Referee calls are final. Although final, calls can be discussed with one or both referees by a captain ONLY and can only be done at the end of Qtr or the Half. Any player will receive a warning "yellow card" on a disputed call during game play and player's team will receive a 10 yd penalty. If same player disputes another call, player will receive a "red card" and be ejected from game for the day and possibly next game and player's team will receive 10 yd penalty. All ejection disputes must be taken up by the captain with Sarah Stanick and not the referee. Ejection disputes will be reviewed by league and team captain will be notified of player's game eligibility for next game.

  •  Collectiv360 will not permit:

    • Shoving, punching, or other physical violence

    • Throwing of field equipment, garbage cans, bottles or any other projectile in anger or in the direction of any individual

    • Derogatory words or actions and hate speech of any kind directed at any player or Collectiv360 representative

    • No violence of any sort will be tolerated. Should any violent act be committed on the field or at any C360 social event, the offending athlete will be subject to a suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of infraction. C360 League Managers will best decide how to determine fair punishment either through the use of their own judgement or through the vote of the current C360 Players Board of representatives.

      6. RULES OF PLAY

  • Each player must wear shoes. Shoes that have metal, ceramic, sharp points are illegal. Rubber cleats and plastic screw-in cleats are allowed. If there are any specific shoe questions, the referee will make the call as to whether specific shoes can be cleared.

  • No casts are allowed.

  • Gloves are permitted.

  • Glasses are worn at the players own risk. C360 will not be responsible for

    broken prescription glasses or sunglasses. Sports glasses are permitted.

  • Baseball hats are permitted.

  • Each player must wear pants or shorts that do not have exposed pockets, belt loops, drawstrings, or exposed knots. You must wear your league shirt. Tucking drawstring securely is permitted. Pants or shorts must be a different color than the flags.  Taping pockets or loops is prohibited. All shirts must be tucked into your shorts or pants.

    • Sport goggles are permitted.

    • Each captain will bring their team roster each week, have every present player sign the roster, and hand in to the referee before the start of the game. At this time any substitutes will sign the bottom of the roster and submit their $10 payment for insurance to the referee.

    • Games will be played on a fields that are 80x30, 80x35 or 80x40 depending on park. End zones are 10 yards wide.

    • Games will begin at the start of the hour at which they are scheduled. A team that does not have the required number of people to play 15 minutes after the official start time will force-forfeit the game.

    • Games shall be played 7 on 7. Each team must have at least 6 members present to play (2 women and 4 men). Because of injuries or ejections a team may continue to play with less than 6 players as long as it started the game with 6. The team may continue to play with less than the minimum number if the referee feels they still have a chance to win.

    • Cones, clip style flags (not velcro), and the football will be supplied by C360. This league plays with a NCAA regulation sized football Your C360 referees will show up with these needed supplies. However, athletes MAY bring and use their own balls if both Captains agree on the equipment to be used, the referee deems the ball worthy and the ball is NCAA sized.

    • A mercy rule shall be enacted if one team takes a lead of 40 or more points with 5 minutes left in the game. The teams may continue to play for fun if the captains both agree to do so.

    • A coin flip will determine which team will decide if they will receive or kick first. If the winner of the coin flip chooses to receive first, the opposition choose which end zone they would like to defend. Offensive position is given to the team that started on defense at the beginning of the second half. Winner of coin toss may also defer, giving it the right to choose between kicking and receiving the second-half.

    • If a team desires to reschedule a game they must contact a C360 representative and the Captain of the opposing team they are scheduled to play. The terms of the rescheduled game are subject to the below:

      • Both teams must agree to either pay two C360 refs each their $25 each ref fee or both teams must agree to ref the game themselves with one appointed ref from each team. Field costs may be additional to teams should the city not allow reschedule.

      • For games played without a C360 ref: Both team's captains must report the same score to C360 staff or risk a forfeit on both sides.

      • Rescheduled games must happen no later than week 9 of the flag football season so that teams may be included in the playoffs according to their records. If the game is not made up by or on week 9 then each team shall take a forfeit.

    Periods, Time, and Substitutions

    • The games consist of four 10-minute quarters. The clock stops the last minute of the 2nd and 4th quarters (one minute warning), otherwise, the clock will run continuously barring timeouts. The ball will be spotted by the referee, not the players during the last minute of each half. 

    •  Half-time is 5 minutes.

    • Each team is permitted two (2) time-outs per half and one (1) additional time-out during overtime. Timeouts do not carry over from the 4th quarter to the overtime period or to successive overtime periods.

    • Players may substitute freely between downs. Male for male, female for female.  Teams must pick one side of the field to be their "bench" for subsitutions and are only allowed to subsitute players from one side of the field for the entire game. 

    • Each substitute shall be in uniform, ready for play, with flags in position at the time of substitution.

    Penalty: Substitution infraction, 5 yards.

  • A period may be extended by an "un-timed" down when, during the last timed down and dead ball interval there is a double foul, an accepted live or dead ball foul, or an inadvertent whistle and the down is to be replayed.

  • Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Out-of-Bounds

    Ball in Play:

  • The offense must snap the ball within 30 seconds after the Referee has sounded his/her whistle.

  • Out-of-Bounds

    • A ball in player possession is out-of-bounds when either the ball or any part of the runner touches the ground or anything else, except a player or game official, which is on or outside a boundary line. If the runner inbounds, bumps into or is touched by a player or an official on the sidelines out-of- bounds, the ball is still in play.

    •  If a player steps out of bounds there will be a 5 yard penalty if they effect play. 


  • Kicking:


  • All players on the kicking team must stay behind the "button"

    (a disc cone) at the 15 yard line. Players may only move past the button after the kick. Players may be in motion, but may not

    advance past the 15 yd line. Penalty: Re-Kick at half the distance to the goal.

    If the ball goes out of bounds off a kickoff, play will start at point of when the ball goes out of bounds. If ball goes into end zone or is a touchback, play will start at 7yd line.

    A punt is considered a free kick and no snap is required. If a team elects to punt on the 4th down, they must declare they are punting to an official. All players except the punter, must be on the line of scrimmage. The punter must be at least 5yd behind line of scrimmage. Penalty: Illegal Formation. 5yds and re-kick.

    If Punter drops the ball, the line of scrimmage moves to where the ball dropped and is re-kicked.

    Playing with Flags

    Accidentally Losing Flags

    •  If a player accidentally loses his/her flag the player shall be considered “down” when his/her flags fall off.

      • If a receiver catches a pass without flags on it will be a completed pass but there can be no advancement of the ball.

      • If a receiver catches a pass w/out flags in the endzone it will be a touchdown/extra point.

    • Prematurely Pulled Flags
      If the intended receiver of a quarterbacks pass has his or her flags pulled prematurely by a defensive player before the receiver has touched or made contact with the ball, the defense shall be accessed a penalty of five yards from the spot of the foul. (Spot of the foul shall be defined as the point on the field where the intended receiver either caught the football or, in the case of an incomplete pass, where the receiver initially made contact with the ball).

    • Whistle Blows . All game play stops when whistle blows.

      Series of Downs, Number of Downs

      The zone line-to-gain in any series shall be the zone (next field marker) in advance of the ball, unless distance has been lost due to penalty or failure to gain. In such case, the original zone (next field marker) in advance of the ball at the beginning of the series of downs is the zone line to-gain. The most forward point of the ball, when declared dead between the goal lines shall be the determining factor.

    • 4th Down Possession – Offense may punt to the defense if they are willing to forego possession of the ball. The offense must alert the referee they are going to punt before the play begins.

      Snapping, Handing and Passing the Ball The Scrimmage

      Snapping - the snap does not have to be between the snapper's legs. The player receiving the snap must be at least 2 yards behind the scrimmage line.

      Penalty: Illegal Snap, 5 yards from the previous spot. During the snap, the men's or women's offensive team must

      have at least 3 players on their scrimmage line within one yard of the scrimmage line.

      Penalty: Illegal Formation, 5 yards from the previous spot.

      No player of the offensive team shall make a false start. A false start is any movement simulating the start of a play.s

      Penalty: False Start, 5 yards from the previous spot. Encroachment - After the snapper has touched the ball, it is encroachment for any player to break the plane of his/her scrimmage line, except the snapper's right to be over the ball.

      Penalty: Encroachment, 5 yards from the previous spot.

      • Offensive players are responsible for retrieving the ball after the scrimmage down. The snapper will bring the ball from the huddle to the scrimmage line.

      • All offensive players must be motionless for one second preceding the snap. After all players are set, a player moving parallel or perpendicular to the line of scrimmage.

      Penalty: Illegal motion, 5 yards from the previous spot. An offensive player that moves/shifts (other than going legally in motion) must stop for one full second before the snap.

      Penalty: Illegal Shift, 5 yards from the previous spot.

      •  A referee will make the 5 second count of One-One-

        Thousand before they can rush the quarterback. They will say "One-One-Thousand, 2 Two-One Thousand, 3 One- Thousand, 4 One-Thousand, Go!" Defense may advance past the line of scrimmage on "Go!"

      •  The defense is allowed ONE blitz per side of field.

      • Offense is allowed one running play per side of field. If the defense blitzes, then the offense may have an additional running play per side of the field.

      Handing the Ball

    • You may only hand the ball behind the line of scrimmage.

      Female Quarterbacks may only hand off the ball to another female player.

      Only one running play per side of the field is permitted.
      Penalty: Illegal Procedure, 5 yards from the previous spot.

      Forward Pass

      • All players are eligible to touch or catch a pass. Only one legal forward pass per down is acceptable.

      •  A Forward Pass is Illegal

        • If the passer's foot is beyond Team A's scrimmage line when the ball leaves his/her hand

        •  If thrown after team possession has changed during the down

        •  If intentionally grounded to save loss of yardage

        •  Second forward pass in that down

      Penalty: Illegal Forward Pass, 5 yards, spot of the pass, loss of down, if prior to possession change.

      Penalty: 10 yards from the previous spot and loss of down. After a legal forward pass is released by the passer and until it is touched, there shall be no defensive pass interference beyond the offensive scrimmage line while the ball is in flight which crosses the Team A scrimmage line.

      Penalty: 10 yards from the previous spot and an automatic first down.

      If opposing players catch a pass simultaneously, the ball becomes dead, is considered a completed pass, and belongs to the offensive team.

      Gender Plays

      • Every third play must include a female player (forced gender play) if the team's quarterback is a male. Any foul, whether accepted or declined, shall have no effect on whether the next legal forward pass completion is "open" or "closed".

        •  Open - males/females are eligible to catch a pass.

        •  Closed/Forced Gender - male to male forward pass

          completions are illegal. This rule applies to the try.

      •  If a QB is a female, it is open play, regardless if it is a closed/forced

      gender play order of plays.

       Closed/Forced Gender Plays

      • All male Defensive players must be standing within five (5) feet of another male Offensive player. Only one male defensive player can mark, defend, or be assigned to one male offensive player. Male players hands and feet must remain still, but male players may hold their arms in the air motionless.

      • One male defender is allowed to rush the QB after the 5 second count. Defender may move along with the QB down the line of scrimmage. All other males must be motionless. Quarterback may attempt to allude defender; however, the quarterback may not advance the ball over the line of scrimmage by running.

      • Once the ball has been snapped, and a girl touches the ball, all players male and female may play.

      •  If a Defender sacks the quarterback by pulling his flags or if there is an intentional grounding penalty called on a Forced Gender play, then the Forced Gender play shall carry over to the next down.

      •  A female defender may act as a pass rusher on any play, open or forced gender against any quarterback regardless of the quarterback's gender. However, only a female defender may rush a female quarterback. Additionally, on a Forced Gender Play with a female rusher, no male offensive or defensive player may move from their stationary point on the line of scrimmage and no male defender may cover or defend the female player left open by the female rusher. All male players may move after a Female player has touched the football.

      •  Blitzing is not allowed on Forced Gender Plays.

      •  One foot inbounds is needed for a legal reception.

      •  Scoring Plays and Touchback

        •  Touchdown - 6 points

        •  Safety – 2 points

        •  Try: Ball in play from the 3-yard line - 1 point; Ball in play from the

          10-yard line – 2 points

        • Try: Once the scoring team’s captain declares their choice for a 1 or

          2 point try, the choice can only be changed by a charged timeout by either team.

        • Try: A defensive player may intercept a pass and run it back for what would normally be a touchdown and score same amount of points the offense was trying for.

        • An extra point play shall be considered, treated, and counted as a normal play subject to the same rules as any other play. Thus, the rules regarding Forced Gender Plays, QB Running Plays and Blitzing usage carry over on extra point(s) plays.

      •  Conduct of Players

      There shall be no personal fouls committed by players, substitutes and coaches. Personal Fouls include:

      • Using fist, foot, knee, or leg to contact an opponent; tackling the ball carrier (disqualification); illegal contact; unnecessary roughness, hurdling, roughing the passer (when the defender contacts the passers arm)

      •  Offensive players may protect the runner by screening. Moving screens are illegal. Illegal contact between the blocker/rusher will be called against the player determined to have initiated the contact.

      Penalty: Illegal Contact, 10 yards.
      The ball carrier shall not guard their flags by blocking with arms,

      hands, or use of a stiffarm block thereby denying an opponent the opportunity to pull or remove the flag belt.

      Penalty: flag guarding, 10 yards.
      Tampering with the flag belt in any way to gain an advantage

      including tying, using foreign materials, or other such acts.
      Penalty: Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 10 yards from the

      previous spot, loss of down and player disqualification.

      •  If a team is issued two Unsportsmanlike Conduct warnings

        (tackling, biting, pulling hair, tampering with belts) they forfeit the game. A player will be issued a warning or ejected at the referees discretion for any of these offenses depending on the severity of the infraction. 2 player ejections from a team in a single game will result in that team forfeiting. If a player is ejected from a game he must sit out the duration of the game in which the offense was committed as well as the next game.

      •  Loss of 5 yards

        •  Delay of Game (Dead Ball Foul)

        •  False Start (Dead Ball Foul)

        •  Encroachment (Dead Ball Foul)

        •  Illegal Snap (Dead Ball Foul)

        • Offensive player leaving the field on the wrong side (Dead

          Ball Foul)

        • Illegal Procedure

        • Illegal Formation

        • Illegal Motion

        • Illegal Shift

        • Player Receiving Snap Within 2 Yards of Scrimmage Line

        • Illegal Forward Pass (Loss of Down, if by Team A)

        • Intentional Grounding (Loss of Down)

        • Illegal Substitution

        • Aiding Runner by Teammates

        • Three Consecutive Male-To-Male Forward Pass Completions (Loss of Down)

        • Required Equipment Worn Illegally

        • Offensive player Not Within 15 Yards of the Ball once the ready for play whistle is blown, the player may line-up outside the 15 yard zone


        Loss of 10 Yards

        •  Illegal contact

        •  Player Conduct “Yellow Card” & “Red Card” Penalties

        •  Eligibility Lost by Going Out of Bounds and Participating in

           the Play

        •  Offensive Pass Interference (Loss of Down)

        •  Defensive Pass Interference (Automatic 1st Down)

        •  Straight Arm

        •  Flag Guarding

        •  Illegal Flag Belt Removal

        •  Personal Foul

        •  Roughing the Passer (Automatic 1st Down)

        •  Illegally Secured Flag Belt on Touchdown (Team A - Loss of

           Down, Team B Automatic 1st Down, and Player DQ)

        •  Illegal Participation

        •  Illegal Kicking (treated as a fumble)

        •  Illegal Stripping

        •  Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Players, Coaches, Substitutes, or


        •  Illegal Player Equipment

        •  Quick Kick

        •  Spiking, Kicking, or Throwing Ball During Dead Ball

        •  Batting a Free Ball

        •  Receipt of an unsportsmanlike penalty

        •  2 or more consecutive Dead Ball penalties by the same team

          will result in a 10 yard penalty

        Note: If any of the above infractions are deemed

        "flagrant,” the player will be disqualified from play.


      Tie Breaker

      • Tie breakers are to only be used in the playoffs. During the regular season, play will last 1 hour (2 5-minute overtimes are permitted). If the score is tied at the 1 hour mark during the regular season teams will take a tie. There will be no ties in the playoffs and as many overtimes as needed are permitted.

      • Playoffs: Overtime begins with a coin toss. The visiting team decides if they would like heads or tails during the coin toss. The coin toss is used to determine who gets the ball first and which team will defend which end zone. The game clock does not run during overtime, but the play clock is enforced. The team that won the coin toss gets the ball at the or turned the ball over, the second team gets that ball at the 15-yard line and attempts to score. Whoever is winning after both teams have had the ball wins the game. If the game progresses to a third overtime, teams are forced to attempt a 2-point conversion after scoring a touchdown.

        The game is over when one team scores and holds the other team from scoring in as many overtimes as are needed.

        Coin Toss
        There will only be one coin toss in overtime. If additional overtime periods are played, the captains will alternate choices. The choices are: offense, defense, or direction. All overtime periods are played toward the same goal line.

        Each team will receive 1 timeout for the entire overtime.

        Timeouts not used during regulation will not be carried over.

        • Unless moved by penalty, each team will start their possession at

          the 15 yard line of the opposing teams half of the field.

        • Each team has 4 downs (unless there is an Automatic 1st down) to score.

        • Try will be the same as inregulation:1pt–3yd line or 2pts–10 yd line

        • If the defense intercepts a pass and returns it for a touchdown, they win the game

        Points are awarded such as:

        •  Win:3

        •  Tie:1

        •  Lose: 0

        •  Forfeit:0

        • At the end of the season the points will be tallied and the four teams with the highest point totals will play each other for the title and trophy.

        •  Tie-Breaker Rules: 1st Criteria: Wins, 2nd Head-To-Head, 3rd Overall Points Scored. Should the 1st criteria not determine a tie-breaker, then the 2nd criteria will be followed and so on.

        • The remainder of the teams ineligble for playoffs will play in another game  on playoff day for bragging rights.

        •   The Winner of the Championship game (Week 10) receives a Trophy for the season with team/s names memorialized on it and get to name the Trophy for the next upcoming season.



      • Collectiv360 is strongly committed to the satisfaction of its athletes. If you have any issues or problems with the above rules and regulations please feel free to let us know ASAP. sarah@collectiv360.com.

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